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Needle Felting Class Schedule


Needle Felting Class Schedule 

Tuesday January 20th 2pm - 5pm

Needle Felting a Sleeping Kitty:

Learn the basics plus in this class where you will make a sleeping kitty.  This class is suitable for beginners and the more advanced student as well.  You can work with any colors and your kitty does not have to be a Siamese as the one pictured.  Students are encouraged to bring photos if the wish of a favorite cat to help with the creative process.

Supplies needed for this class: 


Supplies to be purchased at location of this class:

Friends and Fiberworks 

19 West Ridge Marketplace, Candler NC 28715


 - Size 38 needle

 - Foam Work Pad

 - Fiber for body – color of your choice – it need not even be a “normal “ color 
(ex:  blues, reds, etc. work too - use your imagination!) appr 2-3 oz


 - Contrasting Color to add highlights appr 1/2 oz to 1 oz.


- Very small amount of flesh or pink for nose (if you want a contrasting nose)


 - Small amount of black to highlight


 - Supplies to be purchased at Friends and Fiberworks   



If you need further information please contact me at 516-527-4633


 ALSO NOW AVAILABLE - Our first in a series of instructional DVDs!!

 "Learn The Art Of  Needle Felting" with Irene Heckel - Volpe,
is a two hour instructional DVD which features instructions on supplies, shapes and how to create them, and start to finish instructions for 2 complete projects - one is the chick and the egg and the other is a snowman with character.
Currently this DVD is available for $25.95  plus shipping thru my Etsy shop at  Future DVDs in this series are 2 hours in length and each will feature  complete step by step instructions for 2 complete projects.


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 Our New Location -    Irene Heckel Originals Studio
                                     18 Carolyn Dr.
                                     Candler, NC 28715








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